Empire of Bees is an ethical and sustainable Australian label based on slow fashion principles, because quality takes time. Every item has been thoughtfully hand crafted, using up-cycled fabrics and quality leather. Each item is sustainably produced by hand with the environment in mind. We aim for zero waste in all aspects of production and use salvaged fabric for our linings, hand picked from Australian vintage items such as clothing, linen, and curtains. In line with our green design philosophy most of our bags are sewn using foot peddled sewing machines, our talented Tailor’s preferred tools of the trade.

Who made my bag? We have three friends and their families who make our bags and wallets. Pak Yudi and his wife Farida specialise in our big bags like the Fi Fi tote and Edith Handbag. Abdul makes our smaller bags and clutches and Edy is our wallet specialist, who makes our best selling Maggie & Walter Wallets. We personally know our Craftsmen and their families and have village initiatives in place for them to pass on their traditional skills to the next generations.

We aim to make bags that last a lifetime, not just a season!

We'd always love to hear your feedback and suggestions so don't hesitate to contact us via facebook or email.


Bridget & Claire

The Bees x