The Makers

All Empire of Bees products are made in Indonesia by independent artisans with whom we work directly.

We do this to ensure the conditions for our workers are safe and so we know they’re being paid a fair wage. This (versus factory-made) is not the easy route for a designer, but it’s the only one that sits well with us and our values of slow and ethical production.

To ensure quality and to keep the relationship with our makers robust, we travel to Indonesia every 3 - 6 months. We have been working with the same families for more than six years and have watched them grow and prosper by having the support of our brand. That’s what keeps us going every day.

Meet The Makers

The Textiles

Empire of Bees accessories are made from cow and sheep hide, suede and upcycled fabrics.

The reason we use leather over other textiles is not for its desirability, but its durability. As we are advocates for slow fashion it’s important we create products that outlast a season. Being regularly used items, durability is of utmost importance.

Our Leather


We aim for zero waste in all aspects of production and use salvaged fabric for our linings, hand picked from Australian vintage items such as clothing, linen, and curtains.

In line with our green design philosophy most of our bags are sewn using foot pedalled sewing machines, our talented tailors’ preferred tools of the trade.  We use leather off-cuts for swing tags, tassels and labels, recycled card where card is necessary and try our very best for a paper-less office environment.

As our products are made offshore, we have to consider the impact of our transportation and packaging. We have removed all plastic packaging from our shipping and instead have our bags and accessories sent in individual cotton bags that we give to our customer on purchase.