Another innovation in the Fashion Industry

Another innovation in the Fashion Industry

Bio and recyclable lace is emerging eco-trend within the fashion industry. Of course designers

have always previously sourced pre-made yarns and threads, however, now designers are looking

for more…

Hair, plastic bags and plant roots have begun to take over the yarn industry, with designers opting

to use these alternative materials. These alternative, eco materials are sustainably sourced as

apposed to the toxic manufacturing of synthetic yarn.

The current fascination with lace is not limited to just fashion. Scientists, architects, product

designers and craftsmen are all exploring the wider possibilities of lace and lace-like structures and


Using 3-D printers, designers are now printing lace that has no waste, or using laser cutters to

reshape what was once waste into usable no-waste forms. Others are melting down discarded

metal, reforming what would have been waste products into artistic installations and filigree metal


This creative and thoughtful consideration, taken throughout the design and conception process,

means that sustainable practices of the future will not only replace the wasteful practices of the

past, but will also provide you the consumer with the choice to purchase ethically and responsibly

produced products now and in the future. 

Be an ethical consumer

Choose natural, pure products;

Ensure your product was ethically sourced, produced and distributed;

Ensure manufacturers support fair labour practices that honours human rights, protects human health and respects the environment;

Insist that your product is ethically marketed and advertised;

Choose products that utilise renewable or recycled packaging;

Support businesses that give back to the community.

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