Taking it slow

Taking it slow

Slow fashion is a term you may not be familiar with but it's an extremely important movement that we proudly support!

Slow fashion is about building a sustainable future for the fashion industry, where consumer's buying decisions are based on quality over quantity. The slow fashion ideology focuses on the production and consumption of fashion, ensuring it is sustainable for our environment and ethical for workers and their communities. It's about supporting handmade, shopping locally and appreciating the labour of love and time that goes into creating a quality finished product.

The current trend of 'Fast Fashion' where a sample or design sketch can be turned into a finished product within just 12 days and the fashion houses responsible are focussed on selling huge quantities to maximise profits, is only possible through the exploitation of labour and natural resources.

Fast Fashion or Slow Fashion probably aren't terms that most of us think of when making our buying decisions but if you're interested in finding out more check out the links below!