The Afterlife of Fashion

The Afterlife of Fashion

As the fashion Industry grows the resources become increasingly more harmful towards the environment. Designers across the globe have been motivated to discover fashion in a highly sustainable context such as up-cycling.

Up-cycling is the action of gathering pre-loved clothing such as denim, (any re-usable garments) and either adding elements which incorporate traditional and historical embellishing for artistic value, or taking elements of a garment to be re-used, leaving behind a ‘no waste’benefit. Brands such as; Bliss and Mischief, 69 Worldwide, Vale, FDMTL and Aries all use denim as their main source of material and practice the techniques of customisation, which involves traditional and historical hand embellished and manipulated techniques, a unisex appeal which offers gender neutral collections, and ethical production where brands are looking towards ethically sourced and produced fabrics. Interestingly enough there are designers even up-cycling denim for furniture and also homewares!

Here at Empire of Bees we use up-cycling as one of our main approaches to ethical production! We gather pre loved clothing and vintage materials from recycle shops all around Australia and re-love them again by using the materials as the lining or feature panels in our bags.

The benefits of up-cycling include reusing materials that have already been used to create a non harmful garment/accessory which has gone through no manufacturing processes in the production stage. Creating one-of-a-kind items which may have previously been seen as waste. And encourages designers to be more efficient with waste materials and give pre-loved clothing a second chance to be trendy again.

Bliss and Mischief AW 15/16

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