“This ethical fashion, this sustainable fashion, that complies to what fashion really is, that is born out of passion, skills, heritage, artistry and bravery, is fashion. It’s everything else that isn’t.”

Orsola de Castro – Founder and Creative Director at Fashion Revolution

Empire of Bees is an Australian owned and designed fashion label, founded in Queensland by cousins Bridget Weiske and Claire Davies.

The inspiration for the brand came from the desire to create quality, handmade goods in an industry that was all but overrun by fast fashion. Claire had been influenced by a stint of living and studying in Indonesia where she came across local artisans who created incredible quality products that often went unnoticed in their industries. She became frustrated as the big factories flourished and the local artisan trade faded.

Meet The Makers

Bridget, on the other hand, worked in corporate retail marketing roles for more than 10 years but had a driving passion for sustainability and was equally unimpressed with the quality and quantity of fashion products on the market.

Between the two of them they had a vision for a slow fashion empire, out of which Empire of Bees was born.

The label they founded in 2012 is committed to creating products that outlast a season in style and quality, while adding a unique touch to every piece. It was their founding value that they do not add to the negative noise of consumerism, but provide a counter-offer to the fast fashion items flooding the market.

Behind the Brand